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not much change for us

Posted by Eeyore on Friday, April 06 2018 at 06:59:10AM
In reply to What will the 2020's bring? posted by Professor Paradox on Monday, April 02 2018 at 4:15:12PM

If Trump manages to avoid the "loner" assassin, I think things will be ok. We are not a threat to power. not to mention that we are naturally arch enemies to the feminists who connect us to patriarchy by default, and who seem to now run much of the lefty opposition to him. By no means am I suggesting Trump or libertarian populist types are allies. I'm just saying we don't figure much into their plans. We were strangely also largely ignored by Obama, which I have no immediate explanation for. My only explanation is that the fear of us was incorporated into post-9/11 fears spread by mainstream media, and subsequently profited from with saturation of the topic. I'd love to read serious theories of why the early 2000's were so obsessed with us. My suspicion is that one of the "letter" organizations found that it was a very effective method of spreading paranoia among voters with kids. We are still recovering from helicopter parents who won't let their kids out into the local neighborhood. Something very psychologically controlling about that. Who knows.


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