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2020s may become the new 1960s

Posted by Explorer on Friday, April 06 2018 at 6:13:48PM
In reply to futurology posted by Hajduk on Monday, April 02 2018 at 10:58:01PM

I think that there are both cyclicity and progressivity in historical process - and that they are, despite being entwined to a good degree, work as mutually opposing principles.

To be precise, it seems to me that if an attempt to enact a progressive change fails, regress is inevitable - and society has to replay the cycle - that is, to re-live again the notable part of the way that brought it to the chance of progressive transformation in order to obtain it once more.

To provide an example relevant for us here... After the end of the 1960s - 1970s cultural revolution, Western society has already undergone:

- new Inquisition-style witch-hunts (1980s, Satanic Panic),

- praise and practice of the unrestrained corporate capitalism (1990s, post-Soviet Union fall, accompanied by the slogans of the “end of history”),

- neo-colonialism and neo-imperialism (2000s, post-9/11 West’s invasions outside of it and increase of repression and surveillance within it),

and, lately,

- new Cold War with its own McCarthyism (2010s, West's ever-escalating furious confrontation with Russia - accompanied by the utter loss of public trust into elites, elites’ rage toward the mistrustful public and search for “Russian agents” everywhere).

Following such line of associations, the 2020s may easily become the new liberating 1960s: soon people may become so overfed with the fear-and-hate-mongering by the governmental and corporate elites, that they may rise up against them – massively.

Such moment of the dominant narrative shattering may provide a chance to revive both Child-Lib and Paed-Lib.

Well, if we will survive the new Caribbean Crisis first. With the current continuing increase of aggressive confrontation between nuclear-weapon-possessing countries, it is likely to repeat as well...

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