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New evidence that Sandusky is innocent?

Posted by Baldur on Saturday, April 07 2018 at 04:34:54AM

Bernie Najarian has posted a link at BoyChat regarding this investigation which found that most, if not all, of the accusations against Sandusky (convicted of child molestation) and Joe Paterno (smeared as covering up crimes) were false. A former editor of Newsweek reportedly commissioned the investigation, and the current leadership - perhaps due to interference from very powerful people - are said to have quashed it.

I have always been skeptical of the accusations - many of which appeared fantastical - but would like to see some confirmation of the claims presented here, which include the claim that at the time Sandusky was reportedly raping multiple boys his medical records reported him as having erectile dysfunction. Also, these medical records report that Sandusky has very small testicles, something that not a single accuser appeared to be aware of.

If the claims reported here are true, then there was clearly massive criminality and incompetence among Pennsylvania's justice system, including law enforcement, the judiciary, prosecutors, and contracted therapists. Previous investigations found no wrongdoing, but then investigations found no issues with the judges in the Kids for Cash scandal, also in Pennsylvania, where judges were sending innocent children to jail in exchange for kickbacks, just a few days before it was discovered that these judges were receiving bribes, and of course the justice system never seems to find itself guilty of anything. Pennsylvania is also where school officials were found to have committed no crime by spying on students in their bedrooms.


• ( http link ) Quashed news story exonerating Sandusky

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