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As I see it, it's not so much the ideology...

Posted by Dissident on Tuesday, April 10 2018 at 05:54:39AM
In reply to Why are "libertarians" always such jackasses? posted by Markaba on Monday, April 09 2018 at 2:37:00PM

... as it is the behavior of the person espousing said ideology. There are many people of all ideologies who have poor anger management skills and are quick to lose their temper or resort to personal attacks and insults if they encounter just about any type of opposition. SJWs, for instance, have made a veritable art form of this. I have met my share of libertarians who are easy to talk to, and those who are quick to go off the deep end.

Regarding libertarian ideology per se, I am not so much against any form of government as I am against overly intrusive forms of government that impose moralistic standards on everyone, or draconian measures that create additional problems rather than solving whatever problems they purport to be enacted to solve.

As for this "Gary" person, I have no idea who he is or what he is like in real life, but I would prefer to ask the hypothetical child in question how she felt any about given encounter with him rather than taking the word of another over it. Of course, if I knew "Gary" or any hypothetical child paramour of his personally, I would be in a better position to assess the personal scruples and clinical state of mind of both to better assess the situation overall.

Regarding the pro-gun fascists, if you are referring to some of the NRA nuts, then I can agree with you. But as you know, I also dislike the anti-gun fanatics who have seriously argued that guns should be forcibly collected from everyone who owns them, thus leading to a War on Guns that will put us in a similar situation to what the War on Drugs has wrought. Those who purport to oppose a certain evil need to be careful about resorting to draconian ways to deal with it, as you cannot fight fascism with another variant of fascism and expect to get an end result that is... well, non-fascist?

Some people here do have a habit of supporting stupid things, and I recently took Hadjuk to task on such a thing in most severe fashion, and will do so again anytime I see that foolishness rear its head here. I will never support pro-choicers if I see them supporting tactics or measures that I honestly believe are unwise.


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