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Glad you're back, Dissident!

Posted by Explorer on Tuesday, April 10 2018 at 1:34:45PM
In reply to omg, I hope he's okay!!! posted by Dissident on Sunday, April 08 2018 at 4:30:18PM

Glad that you are back, Dissident! I was missing you, since you were quite inactive lately.

Well, I’m not blaming you for this, of course – in the recent times, I was quite silent myself. The reason for this is some sudden and unpleasant changes in my life lately – to be precise, the changes in my full-time job. Before this year, my work process was relatively relaxed and I had enough time for thinking and writing of my own. Yet, since this year the company where I’m working was taken over by a larger and stronger one; so, now we – my co-workers and I – have a new boss, who is not the same as an old boss, but much worse. Now our working regulations and normatives became several degrees more cumbersome, overzealous and stupid than they were. Due to this silly bureaucratisation, the amount of unnecessary (at best) and counterproductive (at worst) activities in which we obliged to participate at the workplace has grown exponentially, and I have to fulfill formalistic and nonsensical demands of my superiors most of the time that I used to my personal activities before.

At least I’m happy that I’m not being fired – our new company owners have decided that our organisation is not effective and optimised enough, so massive dismissals on the grounds of redundancy in on the way. Many people who spend most of their lives on their jobs will be simply thrown away. Yet the work I’m performing is too important to be stopped (and I’m effectively the only one who knows how to do it properly). Well, I hope so – despite becoming much more problematic, this job is still necessary to me.

I some time, I think I will get used to the new bureaucratic gauntlets enough to be able to find my way through them much quicker than now. Then I will return to producing my usual lengthy and detailed writings. But for the moment, I can only find time to occasional short remarks like this one…

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