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Posted by Eeyore on Monday, April 16 2018 at 03:59:45AM
In reply to The Dems (and I'm not talking about Miss Lovato) posted by Dissident on Tuesday, April 10 2018 at 10:32:29AM

Sigh... I have so much of "had enough" grudge to share about the things you're discussing, and yet my belief is that sharing those views is all rather pointless by now. I see you've kept your writing skillz sharp, so you've clearly been active somewhere these years later. Good to see. I feel like a retard posting-wise now (easy barb point for sociopaths who wanna stick it to me, so take note of that, opportunists). I dunno, Diss. Some of my beliefs have changed, unrelated to our predilection as I remember a word you used to be fond of. Other beliefs I had are as strong as ever.

Until the election, I was all for Bernie. Then I found out the Wicked Witch of the Little Rock rigged the primary and bought off the DNC. This, in addition to all the myriad of corrupt and illegal things she and her hubby have gotten away with over the years made me turn to Trump. I've known of him for decades, so I at least knew he was better than her. I was not with her. I hated her. She is herself sociopathic, and powerful in the way that is a detriment to everyone.

I'd been giving Trump a chance for a long while. His latest clusterfuck has really alienated me. I guess I will see if he is playing "the long game" or 3D chess or whatever the cool term is today, but what it tells me is that all of these people have one master, and that is a small group of people bent on world domination. I really have no other explanation for this latest chemical weapons farce. They literally said they were going to do this months ago, with Russia only a few weeks ago sounding the alarm that they were preparing it. So Trump is either an easily led moron or on board with it.

So yeah... it's a deflated feeling for sure.

As you knmw, I was never a Dem (Miss Lovato aside), although I had my left leaning issues as well as a few opposite ones. A few years ago the American Left seemed to go off the deep end, deciding to try to pull in numbers by disingenuously appealing to women and minorities, and demonizing the American straight white male. You could still be white and male, provided you were gay. LOL

I laugh, but it's enough to make me pull my hair out. Peddling race and gender division is simply not something I'm able to follow, especially when it's so obviously methodical in its purpose, rather than honest and "organic" as the Left would say.

I've been immersed in a very left leaning culture for a long time now, and I have witnessed firsthand the failings that have taken place within it over the years. In many ways, it has become a stinking pile of inefficient manure, unable to address the very problems it claimed to have the answers for: rampant homelessness, people who want to sit on the couch all day smoking pot and watching Netflix instead of working even though they are capable of providing for themselves.. not to mention the intentional spread and enlargement of gender dysphoria, actually PROMOTING it like it's a good thing.

The traditional Right is not much better in my view. In some ways I have come around to why traditions are important, and have never lost my support for 1st or 2nd amendment rights. On the other hand, I still remember the utter mess that Bush-2, his supervisor Cheney, and all the rightwing think tanks made for this country. I still even suspect they did 9/11, FFS.

In the end, I'm left seeing a shadow group that controls both parties, and apparently, anyone who's talented enough to seize the visible power spot besides. In the end, I'm realizing the very office of president is compromised in the US, as are leader positions throughout much of Europe. In the end, perhaps it was always this way, at least back to WWII, maybe longer. In the end, to quote my Pink Floyd, perhaps Things are not what they seem.

Good to see your writing skills still locked and loaded.


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