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On many whims, April 2018

Posted by Hajduk on Tuesday, May 01 2018 at 01:47:58AM

Cousin invented who I am now. I'm grateful for that, and yet because of that she can't catch up with me.

Rroma made me worse, and made me better -- at the same time. I'm grateful for that too, and yet she doesn't understand it just yet, and she isn't anymore enthusiastic about our deeply personal, if stormy, relationship.

Raccoon was the love of my life, period, and chose by herself to drop the ball. And yet if she came back and asked me to marry her, I'd ask her where the dotted line is.

Gunner has become, all by herself, all by being wonderful, all by learning from life, the true love of my life. And yet I can't communicate it to her as well as I wish I did; as well as I can on here; as well as we deserve; as well as our future needs.

And the girl I knew would be my best friend proved why. Thatcher has grown up more and better than I expected and imagined. I always loved her but never as a realistic girlfriend. And yet now she's ready. I want a girl like her. My best friend. Forged in strength and pain. A heart of stone who decided she can now kiss me goodbye.

The saddest Alice hid the best one.

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