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Another day, another bombing...

Posted by jd420 on Tuesday, May 01 2018 at 05:22:26AM


Sup, Folk?

(for the interesting social commentary instead, see...

By now, readers of this board should be a little bit familiar with the coordinated bombings in France, Texas, and Washington (the e. Multnomah cell, which planted the long beach, Wa bombs, is not my main worry; the one hugging the northern california border is).

What's interesting is the outcome...


The UK and France were also parties to the attack, which establishes something interesting, if pathetic : if you bomb them, you can make them do things for you. Perhaps we should try it, what do you think?

Anyone who has been in a non-minimum-security prison, or a dysfunctional school environment, knows exactly what "you're mean to me, I will give you stuff" will get you. These states will not, in fact, protect their citizens from bombing. They will not go after the perpetrator... whom I'm starting to be able to narrow down to a few square miles in their homes, just like the rest of their routes. They'll just... not only let their citizens get bombed, but actually pay people, via the "do you have any requests" feature, to bomb their citizens.

There is one exception.

...apparently, someone in the US government actually read the contents of a sadly-gutted post I made last year. Like, seriously, am I your entire national security apparatus? Because if so, you could just print off a little of that fiat currency and slip it to me...

...oh. Nevermind. These people do read the internet, and might be able to do it themselves.

Suffice to say, if this is very, very successful, places like the middle east and europe will be a lot more secure; in fact, there would be no way to attack europe except through Poland or Toronto, then, and that seems to be partially disfavored for some reason. Unless you're diverting the entire government apparatus to commit murders for the National Socialist Underground, in which case, Poland and Toronto are a-okay.

(it's... another incident in my list of why I am not mystified by the competence and legitimacy of your governments. though the whole bent-over-for-forty-years-and-bombed-repeatedly-with-no-response-but-'can-I-shine-your-shoes-mister' doesn't help)

...but, suffice to say, the unjustified attacks on syria for a terrorist poower which has bombed all three perpetrators pretty much sets the front in the west.

So, what's going on in the west?

Here's one. It's a charming kerfluffle with some troubling implications.

First, it's in Scotland. Worse, while the city of London, Scotland and the City of London, England are both in Scotland, this is actually in northward Scotland. It's also not terribly close to the Irish sea.

Scotland has been wearing an english schoolgirl's uniform with no panties - literally - since about the fifteen or sixteen hundreds as a form of protest. It is not, however, a kilt, which in english is an absolutely huge wool blanket.

Anyone care to guess what the average scotsperson is wearing when their kilt performs its normal uses as a picnic blanket, house, or sweat lodge? This, as thoroughly as the repetitive beats act, is flagrantly illegal racial violence.

Its location tends to suggest infiltration into Norway; I don't know if you've ever tried to blow up an inflatable raft and jump off a fjord with it, but basically, you're going to need the help of a port town or small fishing village. Because there's no way in hell you're getting from the coast to the water, and everyplace you can is heavily populated by people whose lives revolve around herring and whale.

This is something which is...



'Russian lawmaker Elena Mizulina has been painstakingly shepherding a bill through the country's parliament that would {criminalize necessary media}.'

This is what a glaringly obvious Russian traitor looks like. They obviously need Polonium, named for the fate of right-wing governments in Poland.

Conversely, in the southeast taiga, such as alaska or norcal, it is perfectly legal (at least federally) to wander around streaming child porn on your smartphone, and if anyone so much as taps you on the shoulder about it, they have committed a federal hate crime.

The end goal, of this, is to sell 'child porn' to parents in the northeast or pacific coast.

Decades ago, the city of Chicago posited a dual-power theory of the world; there were the African people, and the folk of the arctic - 'russia' in its truer form, without the delusion of states. Our charming adversary took this fairly seriously, and attacked the ability of the folk to portray their natural life... unless they portrayed themselves as victims of the racial sterilization these jackasses are fond of foisting on people.

This... continued for quite some time, until finally the scheme of writing "ghetto loans" to "mud people" was collapsed in 2008 in commemoration of a nonwhite president being elected...

...wrecking the economy, and returning segregation to north america.

Then as now, the US response to an attack by an overseas power was... jack shit. And not surprisingly, after letting them slaughter the folk for several decades, there was, much like the poem, no real chance for there to be anyone to object; the official response of the Black Congressional Caucus started two years earlier, with "what do you MEAN you are putting them in concentration camps without a trial for their race, Hillary," but by then... everyone was gone, and the populace scattered and isolated.

For now, though, the war is in the western front.

...and a little bit on the outer border of east-central Russia. Mostly, though, the western front.

There's a bit of a saving grace : Putin is a former KGB man, and for the many anarchist complaints about the former Soviet Union, one thing it was NOT faulted for is its tendency to have very, very detailed files about the perpetrators of these acts, maintaining a sort of national competence where the US cannot even meet statehood. Where I can get it down to a few square kilometers, there is a very good chance that Russia can get it down to a few millimetres of someone's chest in a scope.

That, and that road is hopefully about to - finally - be closed. I look forward to closing the source.

I expect to see real results.


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