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Hello and a GM

Posted by Joplin on Tuesday, May 08 2018 at 10:10:54AM

Hello. It's been a loooong time since I've actually posted anything, but since I've been lurking and reading again lately (for the first time in several years), I thought I'd share this small GM I had recently (and this GM was what prompted me to come back to GC, too, because the first thought I had was "hey this is a GM like I might read about on GC", so it was good for its own sake and for the fact that it moved me to get back here to look around).

A couple of weeks ago, I happened to be eating in a restaurant late in the afternoon. It was raining, and from where I was sitting, I could look out the window and see the front of the restaurant right next to the entrance. I was reading, but chanced to look up and out the window just as a car was parking in the spot closest to the entrance.

From the back door of this compact car emerged this LG, probably about 5. Even though she was only about 10 feet from the front of the restaurant which had an awning, she spent the time required (longer than it would have taken her to run under the cover of the awning) to open this adorable little umbrella that was clear but decorated with spots of various colors (it looked like the windows on those old "Dippin' Dots" ice cream stores that used to be in some shopping malls in the US -- and may still be, I don't know), and that was obviously made for a child. She had trouble getting it deployed all the way, but her smile of triumph when she finally succeeded was worth watching the entire episode. She was completely wet by then, but she had the umbrella opened, and was celebrating as only small children can.

While she had been trying to open the umbrella, the other passengers in the car had gotten out, including another little girl who looked about 10 or so, and whom I assumed to be her sister since they favored somewhat in appearance. The ten-year-old stood watching from the safety of the awning in front of the restaurant while her sister fought to get the umbrella opened.

As umbrella-girl was coming toward the entrance in a triumphal march fit for Alexander the Great, her sister made a move with extended hand toward umbrella-girl that looked to me like a "let me have it" kind of move, although of course I couldn't hear what either of them said. Immediately, umbrella-girl pulled the umbrella back in a "no-it's-mine-and-you-can't-have-it" move, standing once more in the rain, the umbrella clutched protectively (still open) down by her side.

Then, the front door opened, and they all came in, although I didn't see anyone else but the two sisters before I went back to my book with an amused smile on my face and my heart a little lighter for having witnessed such cuteness incarnate.

A while later, I happened to look up and there were these same two LG's coming to the front door to leave. My heart skipped a few beats when I saw that they were with another girl -- I'm guessing she was 13, but I've gotten horrible at guessing ages of tween/teen girls these days -- whom I assumed was the sister of the other two. Anyway, this third girl took my breath away: she had this beautiful brown hair that cascaded in falls of curly delight almost to her waist, she was lithe as a gymnist, with golden-brown skin, and it was hard for me not to just stare in overt rapture.

Completing the small party was an adult woman whom I am guessing was the mom, and who was beautiful as well (sometimes it's nice to be attracted to females in a large age-range, as I am), although not as striking as the teen girl.

As they left, I went back to my book, wistful that I had not noticed the teen and the mom before, but glad for the moment as it was: magical.

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