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Just say it, Eeyore

Posted by Eeyore on Wednesday, May 09 2018 at 06:22:07AM
In reply to yeah posted by Eeyore on Wednesday, May 09 2018 at 05:26:01AM


The crazy stuff of Miley, when performing, is the stuff of in-your-face feminism. Disguised as "liberating" it is intentionally meant to turn people off via sex, especially anyone who places value on keeping some sort of moral dignity and "class" (a word easily misinterpreted from the simple definition I intend here).

The girl I linked above represents something **FAR** more threatening, as it validates and speaks to deep heterosexual taboo yearnings beyond the mere primal drive of sexual release, and doesn't cheapen or debase the feelings of love and attraction.

I will tell everyone. I have grown to despise the form of feminism I see in the West today, and I believe it needs to be dismantled for the very sake of a civilized society. It's gross, it's mentally disturbed, it is belligerent toward and presumptuous of what others think if they are on on board with it, and it has no redeeming value other than to those who wish for the chaos and destruction it is dedicated to creating. Indeed, this is its very reason for existence, and I feel sorry for anyone who doesn't clearly see the purpose it serves in its current wave.

We have gone from equal pay for equal work and don't slap my ass, to things like microaggression, preferred pronouns, Yes meaning No, and giving prepubescent kids sex changes.

Today's gender confusion is not organic. Give it the boot, before the cancer kills us all.


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