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The other girls

Posted by Hajduk on Saturday, May 12 2018 at 00:15:57AM
In reply to May 2018 posted by Hajduk on Thursday, May 10 2018 at 04:52:02AM

Two girls whose nick I haven't decided upon are also growing in me: one is technically another Ungroomable, the other is technically what I call "Southern" -- and she seems to have started to actively notice me. I am happy. Critical mass is close to be achieved.

Gaga is sweet. I thought she would be among the biggest of her class and she isn't: there are girls and boys whose height I can't believe. But she is sweet. And I owe her an outing with her cousin...

Her cousin... I like her. I see her beauty where maybe nobody else does. I see her sweetness. I see she is hot. And I know the way to know her better and for her to know me better is precisely to just go out with her and Gaga. Just her and Gaga; Gunner is (not really rightly, but surely with arguments) jealous of her. She waves hello at me when (she thinks) nobody sees her. I wave back. I am past the point of caring who sees us uniquely waving at each other. She needs that attention. I need that attention.

Classmate 1 was nice, but was trying too hard to look older, and sadly achieving it. She looks way better when she is herself.

Her sister, classmate 5, looked better.

Classmate 4 is having a case of the puberties, and starting to show imperfections on her skin. But she is cute, and her shadowy leadership shows to the clever observer.

Classmate 3 for the first time talked with me beyond hello and goodbye. She could lose some pounds, but still she looked pretty.

Classmate 2... The best for the last. She didn't say anything to me today. She apparently didn't recognize me (I'm entirely unconvinced). But oh she looked sexy. Her legs are unbelievable. And her interactions with other girls, which I had the first chance to study, are interesting. For all the true vulnerabilities she has shown to me, she is strong with others. And for all the strength she has shown to me, she is social to others. I'm happy to know her. I'm certain people generally wouldn't consider her pretty, but she is. And emotionally and psychologically she is just the right person for me now. Gunner would do well to approach us.

Gunner... The perfect girl. Perfect dance, perfect skinniness, perfect scent, perfect eyes, perfect lips... She's been moody. I still believe in her. Because she chose to have faith in me. When others would have become atheistic about me.

❤ <3 in hoc signo vinces

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