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Re: Hi!!!

Posted by Dissident on Saturday, May 12 2018 at 9:14:49PM
In reply to Hi, Dissy posted by Trillion on Friday, May 11 2018 at 09:13:27AM

I'm not sure why I felt that may be the case, but it's probably because some of the posts I've read in my (limited I will say) time here over the past few months showed some animosity towards Ethan.

Ethan worked quite hard to earn that animosity. Sometimes, trying hard at something gets you precisely that. Nevertheless, you will notice that I do try hard to show him respect in our various go-rounds of discourse, and when I do, look at which of the two of us tends to be the first to eventually break down into spewing insults. The last example of this is still on the front page of the board.

My respect for others is not, however, unconditional. I have no respect for those who intentionally harm others, and reduced respect for those who harm unintentionally. However, to my knowledge, Ethan has done neither.

It's not what he has done personally that is harmful. It's what he represents and supports that has been immensely harmful on many levels. Hence, posters get frustrated with him often.

Btw, there is a thread further up the page about the application of the term pedophilia to those attracted to adolescents. You should look in on it - I think you could add some real value to the thread.

Will do! This is a common error, and often a deliberate one, since adolescents under 16-18 (depending on jurisdiction) share a legal status with actual children. Hence, the two are conflated in the public view, and consequently, so are pedophilia and hebephilia. The fact that the term "pedophile" has become a household word whereas "hebephile" has not compounds the commonality of that error, deliberate and otherwise.

I look forward to talking with you some more Dissy - it really would be good.

Well, thank you. Same here!

I also notice you still use the abbreviation "Trill" to refer to yourself, which still reminds me of that slug-like alien race from Star Trek: TNG and DS9.


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