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To 4 - 18 : Cousin

Posted by Hajduk on Sunday, May 13 2018 at 00:17:13AM
In reply to May 2018 posted by Hajduk on Thursday, May 10 2018 at 04:52:02AM


Age then: preteen
Age now: adult
Physique: medium height, slim to average, long wavy hair, Latin
Interests then: some music, some games (cell), clothing, and... yes, bhoys
Relationships: friend, good friend, LGF, my first and for a very long time only true ex LGF
Positives: Wilfulness, rebelliousness, assertivity, sexiness, willingness to take risks
Negatives: Stubbornness, difficulty to open her heart, bad at choosing boyfriends, very demanding
Comments: the girl who invented all subsequent girls. Impossible legs as a preteen. She opened my heart and mind. Then all the other girls came to me.
What she needed: Love. Not just to have it, which from me she did; but to feel it, which she didn't, even though I can't see why

She was perfect and couldn't see it. I tried and tried to make her see how much I loved her and that she could have me wrapped around her little finger, but she just didn't. Then she introduced me to her cousins. Now she perceives, in a way, that she is who I always actually wanted. But it's too late now for her. Or is it? She will never accept to be second to her cousins. Or will she? I'd still marry her. Her bad habits and her bad traits have receded; and she has grown immensely in the last two years, matching her newfound role in motherhood. But even though she is the girl who most taught me and who must changed me, she no longer is my first, and maybe never will recover that place.

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