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not so fast

Posted by Tyrone Slothrop on Monday, May 14 2018 at 07:49:17AM
In reply to PGP and S-MIME unsafe posted by Gimwinkle on Monday, May 14 2018 at 03:53:54AM

Judging by the rather vague description, this is not about PGP itself, but about email clients (or plugins for email clients) that automatically decrypt encrypted messages (a bad idea anyway, imho). The EFF recommend Signal, but I wouldn't exclude that this is a general problem affecting all tools offering automatic end-to-end encryption.

Veracrypt cannot be used as a replacement for PGP. It serves a different purpose: encrypted storage, not encrypted communication. Consequently, it uses symmetrical encryption (the same key is used for encryption and decryption), whereas PGP and other protocols for encrypted communication use asymmetrical (public key) cryptography so that messages can only be read by their intended recipients.

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