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Repurposed Mob Violence Videos

Posted by Eeyore on Friday, May 25 2018 at 04:37:33AM

"Village Giving a Pedophile His Just Reward"

"Girl's Family Dishes Out Justice to Pedo"

"Sex Predator Killed By Angry Citizens"

Have you ever seen random videos with titles like these? They are fairly common. Almost always they are taking place in third world countries where the rule of law is scant at best, the language is likely not known to the consumer of the video, the video is difficult or impossible to trace to its original news source, but the mastery of English in the title and description is impeccable.

In a western world currently full of "fake news" and weaponized lies, I wonder how many of us look at content like this with a discerning and skeptical eye, and how many just consume them like a plate full of cookies.

Is it possible that there are not only media outlets and governments that release content with ulterior motives, but that there are also loosly affiliated groups and even individuals with specific pet issues who might have the ability, free time, and perseverance to "re-purpose" content from around the globe which is difficult for the typical western viewer to recognize and identify and call out, if the context and backstory is not true?

I've seen this done to other groups who were disliked or despised. For example, I can remember a photo of a man in Africa having sex with a goat. As presented, it was claimed that "this is what American blacks' ancestors did and still do, because they are uncivilized." Expand the photo a little more, and you find some guys standing around him with clubs and machetes. Enlarge it a little, and you find a look of distress on his face. He is being forced into a humiliating act, probably as punishment for something we do not know, but definitely not doing it out of choice as presented to the viewer.

Going back to the "Pedo Gets His Rightful Beatdown/Death" trope, the result of repurposed and weaponized content in this case does several things. It allows for spewing approving venom in the reply comments. In addition, both the video and the comments has the effect on any child lover who takes things at face value to be affected by the video AND the other comments in a negative way, creating feelings of fear, anger, or hopelessness about their own feelings of love. A third effect is that the dishonestly repurposed content pretends that this behavior toward those attracted to children is a globally homogenized one, which advocates violence and/or death toward those who are attracted to kids.

What I am saying here is probably very obvious to some people, and long known. It's for the sake of others that I mention it, and that we need to be vigilant in what we allow to pass through our eyes and our mental gates without an ID check and a security pat down. It doesn't just pertain to what you hear from mainstream media or from governments. Unfortunately, it pertains to anyone with a goal or a grudge, and a self-absolving penchant for pulling the wool over the eyes of others.


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