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Posted by rainbowloom on Monday, May 28 2018 at 06:55:07AM
In reply to You know... posted by jd420 on Monday, May 28 2018 at 03:41:15AM

Not a moral right. They have the capacity to separate us and it's sad that we both have to suffer because they feel more comfortable judging people based on their abstract features and going through the motions based on that reduction than viewing us as a unique pair of individuals who bonded for a multitude of reasons over time.

They cannot see what matters: not my stream of consciousness; nor hers; but the way we treat each other.

It's not even how the relationship looks that bothers them. Her own mother said it was beautiful. It was only in retrospect, after learning to associate my image with the word "pedophile" - and whatever goes with that in their minds - that they determined the "inappropriateness" of our interactions thus far. It's an insult to both of us.

My feelings do not have that kind of transformable impact on reality.

I don't have the power to manipulate the course of events.

I do have the powers of attraction and influence.

If they were to look at the reality of how my attraction, and whatever influence I have exerted thus far, has impacted them; more importantly, their daughter; then they would see what was clear before they were overcome with anxiety about what they surmise - nothing has been discussed - that my attraction to young girls implies about my thoughts, feelings, behaviour, etc. regarding their daughter.

And that reality is: overwhelmingly positive.

True, I said that we were in love: an expression of elated feelings of togetherness, caring, trust. A pure expression of a pure emotion.

Romantic feelings mean one thing to all of us, but a different thing to each one of us.

Romantic feelings are tempered by thought, circumstance, etc.

What they are doing - and I know they are doing this because the nuances of what I am feeling and why never entered into a conversation - is projecting their own shallow, ignorant, cumbersome ideas about romantic feelings onto me and deriving from that an image of my self under this new condition which appears equally shallow, equally ignorant, and equally cumbersome.

There is a difference in the way I have personally experienced such things and the difference is very relevant because what constitutes that difference is what lead to an entirely innocuous and perfectly genuine romantic affair between my self and a girl who's my junior - by, practically, about a half-step.

The bitter irony here is that she really wanted to; and purely from a moral perspective, if she wants to and I want to then we ought to - ideally, it's that simple.

But there's all this red tape that exists to mask the fact that the reason it's not that simple is because everything I've typed here is true but her parents (the ones with the property rights) would never even bother to attempt to process - let alone have the capacity to objectively comprehend - even the first paragraph of this post.

(I'm sure they love their daughter very much and want what's best for her according to their theory and how she fits into their universe as perceived by their egos.)

They can understand a string of broken logic that begins with "Rainbow is a pedophile" and "keep Rainbow away from kids".

That's about the extent of the neuron-power they're willing to devote to the subject.

And - on the subject - yes: it's not a moral right. What's morally right is the opposite.

However, they do believe that it is their right to intervene... and that they ought to.

Because that's what they told themselves.

And I don't resent them for doing what they can with what they have.


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