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I'm Celebrating Tommy Robinson!

Posted by Eeyore on Saturday, June 02 2018 at 07:20:52AM
In reply to Merry ChildrenĀ“s Protection Day! posted by kratt on Friday, June 01 2018 at 10:54:28AM

I'm not a Brit, so my opinion doesn't matter much, but I think he's doing something great for British society. I think monetary migrants with an utter refusal for assimilation into their new country, who are even brazen enough to engage in various genocidal methods toward the local population deserve to be outed for what they are, and that the powers that be who facilitate their influx need to be exposed for what they are doing.

I've had no less than three fellow girl lovers ask me recently what I thought of Tommy R, as they seemed conflicted that he was taking a stand against Muslim immigrants pimping out local girls for prostitution.

I'm on record for condoning the choice of prostitution, only when there are other methods for acquiring income available to all members of society. When there is no choice, I do not approve.

What is being done to British girls by these financial migrants is a method of textbook genocide in my personal opinion. They are being forced, coerced into what they do via the spitting-on-the-ground contempt for the local culture, religion, society.

In other words, diversity celebration nitwits, it is only a celebration when those you take into the fold are not still viewing things as a war.

I believe the UK is currently in a fight for its life, and while I believe girls should have the freedom to decide who they share love with and how they express that love, what I see going on with their engagement with migrant pimps is plainly and simply a page from the playbook of genocide.

So to protect kids, I've been a vocal supporter of the forced UK media blackout up-and-comer, Tommy Robinson.

Our girls deserve better.


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