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I read some of Lysander's messages...

Posted by griffith on Tuesday, June 05 2018 at 11:55:28AM
In reply to He was a long time member of BoyChat... posted by starlet_Luver on Tuesday, June 05 2018 at 00:47:14AM the past, but probably I did not see the craziest messages.

I stopped going to BC because I got finally fed up with Django's ultrarightist views. There are other half-crazy, hate-filled posters there; I did not want to see their messages any more.

But I do not hate Django because of his race; I hate his political views. He once said something to the extent that Pinochetti was moderate compared to him. Who wants to see such rubbish?

I have never read any of Hitler's writings, but that excerpt from Hitler (in Lysander's message) shows what a dilettantish, unintellectual and superficial writer/thinker he was. He was apparently not unlike any of the morons whose opinions you can see on the internet every day, if you bother to read them. I don't. I never read the comments below any news story.

Internet is a good thing, but in many ways it has taken the world to the wrong direction, it gives the morons open their mouths puclicly.


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