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Thinking of asking a LG out...

Posted by Trillion on Tuesday, June 05 2018 at 11:55:47AM

...for a treat.

Look, to begin, I have no romantic interest in this LG. It's just that her parents are dirt poor (as am I) but she really does deserve a little something good in her life.

But I have some questions I would like advice about:

1) How do I do this without offending her parents? They are dirt poor, which tends to promote pride. I have managed to save up around $600 over the past 6 months, which I had intended to spend on the LGs in my life. I have discussed this with the 3 LGs I have, though, and they all totally agreed that this LG (who is separate from my 3 LGs) should have all of it. In fact I'm proud of my 3 LGs here, because they said that she should have all of it. But, how do I give her a treat, without offending her parents. Bearing in mind that they know I'm dirt poor, too?

2) I was thinking about spending first $150 on taking the LG out on a treat day out. But, I want her to invite friend, because the best treats are always shared, imo. But, how do I get her friend's parents to let me take her along, as well? I don't know. Should I introduce myself to them first? So far in my life, everything has happened organically, this now seems so formal...

3) What, in your opinion, would give those kids the best bang for their buck, bearing in mind that this is just $150? Any suggestions welcome.

4) This LG has managed to raise her grades in the past year from Ds to mainly As, with two Bs. I will admit that I did tutor her, but nonetheless, the achievement is hers alone. I wish to congratulate her on this, and to reward her. Any ideas as to the best way?

I suppose that I could get her something nice - although, I would rather get her something that she wants. In my mind, I have $350 to $400 in my mind toward that - but, again I don't want to offend her parents.

I have something in mind though - her father is a carpenter, and there are some things of need of work in my apartment. Perhaps if I could get him to that, in lieu of a gift to his daughter? He really does love his daughter, to the point it makes make me want to cry sometimes - he really does want everything for her, and he feels upset that he can't get her stuff sometimes. I really do think that the love of that father does require rewarding, too.

Btw, this LG is 8 years old. These people have nothing. And, I just think, they need something. I'd like to think of something nice I could do for her parents, too.

So, any advice on the above would be welcome, and will be much appreciated!

Love & many thanks,


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