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oh my goodness!

Posted by Eeyore on Wednesday, June 06 2018 at 05:53:45AM
In reply to I am not sure if he was "REAL" or "NOT" but.... posted by starlet_Luver on Tuesday, June 05 2018 at 09:41:37AM

Yes, CL's really need to increase their political adeptness, or maybe more accurately, deny support for random individuals who pop up offering to carry the torch but promote other crazy stuff that most don't follow.

Yeah, I decided not to name-drop yesterday as a precaution concerning two BC'ers who helped bring CG down, but I've thought better of it and wish it would create a shit storm (though I know it won't). The two who worked in tandem were AI Watcher (who registered one troll nick as a black guy and called me an Uncle Tom when I edited his post), and JimF4 (F3?), the latter of whom got himself outed by PJ if I remember. I'll never snicker at any child lover getting outed, but... that was not a snicker from me.


I'd need to locate my old hard drive for the pics, but I had the good fortune to meet him, Abraxas, and Harbor Boy once long ago. In fact, I met GW several times. He was a character, scarred by his early past for sure and never fully recovered from it, but he still held a sense of humor.

I don't remember if I actually posted the pics here after his death or not, but once in a private chat, I DARED him to go and meet a cute girl duo band named >i?Smoosh, who were doing a record signing or some sort of thing at a record store in his area. He took my challenge, and I passed it off and thought nothing more of it.

Not only did Ghost Writer take up my challenge, he actually got photos of himself standing next to them, with all three of them smiling for the camera (I was in love with the drummer girl at the time). You probably have no idea what GW looked like. He was massive. About 450 pounds and bald, and he even make funny poses for the camera. Not only that, he also sent me their cd and a poster SIGNED by both of them, which he got there and which I still have to this day. It remains one of the funniest trollish "wins" I've ever experienced around these parts, and I still promise to post the pics of our GW "Hangion' with the Smoosh" if I ever locate the drive. I am sure I still have it somewhere.

Miss you, Ghost Writer!

Thanks for the GW reminder, sL:)


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