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an objection

Posted by Predator on Wednesday, June 06 2018 at 3:00:51PM
In reply to Thank you. posted by rainbowloom on Sunday, June 03 2018 at 2:56:53PM

A predator is not someone with malicious intent. This is a misnomer which denies nature and a little implies vegan supremacism.

A predator is simply someone whose nutritional intake depends on the consumption of the organic matter of live organisms. It's a form of feeding. A form of feeding which is entirely necessary to the whole balance of Nature. Predators are necessary, and removing the act of predation would be catastrophic for Nature.

Moreover, with few (if significant) exceptions, predators are the most intelligent members of their clades. Predation leads the charge for intelligence.

Predation is not evil. Do not call the evil "predators".


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