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People who feel attacked by any word

Posted by Balto on Thursday, June 07 2018 at 8:31:24PM
In reply to Obviously posted by gotenks on Thursday, June 07 2018 at 09:48:42AM

Will try and twist it into something bad by defining it in a way that puts it down. It's understandable, tbh.

But when it comes to pedophilia, there's no point in deciding which ideology best supports it because it isn't even about ideology and all of those progressive or conservative or offensive ideologies do not cease to exist, regardless of how we treat pedophiles.

Social change on the level of humanizing a harmless minority and empowering people who feel love for one another to do think compassionately and do what's right by each other rather than necessarily what is expected by a lowest common denominator of reaction is in my eyes something that actually transcends ideology and speaks to a common ground of how we treat one another, period.

Pedophiles get treated like shit even when they're expressing feelings of love and care. Non-pedophiles should consider what it means to have a powerful desire to, as a man, have meaningful relationships with children; to want to build a life based around sustaining those relationships for the good of the child and for your own emotional fulfillment as well, to spend so much energy affectionately bonding with another person regardless of what the relationship means to you or them because on a base level you just love them and care about them to the point where it truly becomes self-sacrificing, and then to have all that ripped away because you had to confess - under someone else's threat - that you have romantic feelings for their daughter, despite having not one shady motive, despite not having done one single thing in violation of the relationship you had the privilege of having been a part of, despite all the real, genuine feelings of trust, comfort, respect, support, and joy that you had always chose to cultivate with them... all of this because of a sudden, ingrained but groundless suspicion that YOU - this loving man with so many wonderful qualities - (and that's not narcissism, it's having self-respect) of all people should be capable of hurting your loved ones because of what all boils down to a probably-mutual crush that - in any case - wasn't intrusive to either of you, especially in the context of what otherwise was a cherished bond of mutual empowerment and sincere friendship.

So much bigotry, prudery, bullying, and needless heartbreak goes on behind this extremely, and I mean extremely, over-inflated need to shelter children from someone whom - in any given case - they may not even need sheltering from, if the individuals in question were being given fair consideration - rather than an instant 180 from what was apparently a positive thing before the word pedophile got wrapped into it.

That's one example of all this needlessly cruel, hurtful, defeating BULLSHIT you have to go through when something different turns you on.

Honesty, Family, and Love: a Kind person gets only two.

Give us the opportunity to be good guys! Don't condemn us before we've even committed a crime, and CERTAINLY not if we're trying to be open about our feelings!


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