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Words don't matter

Posted by Balto on Friday, June 08 2018 at 9:22:06PM
In reply to Etymologies matter posted by Hajduk on Friday, June 08 2018 at 5:24:31PM

Neo-progressive ideologies have lead to some acts of mass violence throughout history; no one should deny that.

But the root way of thinking behind Progressivism is faith in the ability of an organism to self-organize and grow and evolve based on the conditions it creates for itself. "Improvements" to the social condition, whether or not you agree with what an improvement appears to have accomplished in a given case, come from the Progressive side of politics, generally-speaking.

I like true social progress in terms of increasing the rights of marginalized groups. I liked it with Gays, and I will like it with Kinds.

I think that we will be liberated. I think our liberation as a minority comes chronically before a society's liberation from a totalitarian state.

Woof ~

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