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doesn't make much difference

Posted by Baldur on Monday, June 11 2018 at 01:44:40AM
In reply to "paedophile" posted by hieronymus on Sunday, June 10 2018 at 1:41:51PM

A vocal segment of the public hates us, not the word. They associate us with the very opposite of us, because they want to. I have already seen the comments out on the net, that now the "evil pedophiles" are calling themselves "MAPs", etc. They know very well that we love children, they know very well that we want the best for children, that's why they hate us. No amount of kowtowing or adopting different words is going to change that. There is no way to appease such people because their hearts are filled with hatred for their fellow man, or in some cases because they are making a good living out of leading the hatred against us. Some may be misguided, but for the rest there is nothing to do but crush them, and it hardly matters what we call ourselves while we do it.


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