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ich bin ein Pädophil

Posted by Hajduk on Tuesday, June 12 2018 at 00:06:55AM

I will never relinquish my legitimate territory. I will never relinquish my legitimate city. Jerusalem and Masada fell. Troy and Rome fell. Athens and Corinth fell. Constantinople and Granada fell. Montségur and La Rochelle fell. Quebec City and Zanzibar fell. Moscow and Berlin fell. Richmond and Manila fell. Paris and Vienna, Barcelona and Belgrade fell. But for every time I fell, I am risen again twice.

I'm fallen, but not defeated.

The count is not to ten.

She rises again.

So will I.

I will Reconquista the dictionary as much as the minds, the souls and the bodies. Because they were always mine, and they are still mine, and occupation will be punished.

This is me. This is a patriot. My tree of liberty will be watered with the blood of traitors.

It is written. It is destined. Gott mit uns! So who against us?

I'm a pedophile.

Because she loves me.

If we don't conquer through love, we don't win.

If we deceive our ways out, we already lost even if we gain hypocritical tolerance.

Truth wins. Love wins. Life wins.

Ego sum via, veritas, et vita.

And those who are not, will not live. We won't even have to kill them. They're already dead, and they just don't realize it. Yet.

The 14 Words:
There can be no tolerance for Anti Contacters in a Girl Loving social order.

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