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Ping: Nadine

Posted by Trillion on Wednesday, June 13 2018 at 01:40:35AM

Well, hi again!

Seeing as no-one else has picked this up, I thought I'd run with it...

So, please tell us more about yourself. What's your AoA, for instance?

Were you lurking, and if you were, how long for? (and trust me, none of these are trick questions. Just interested to get to know you, is all!).

Anyhow, you've been brave in signing up to all our, erm, madness here. Most of us aren't mad, of course - although the jury's out concerning me...

But, just wanted to make you welcome on the board.

So, welcome!



PS You really don't have to answer this if you don't want to. But, feel free to join in as suits you.

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