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It also...

Posted by LoliChan on Thursday, June 14 2018 at 8:30:58PM
In reply to #youtubewakeup posted by Oakowi on Thursday, June 14 2018 at 01:29:15AM

greatly annoying how these people for sake of "protecting them from harm" go all the way to deny them of their little enjoyments in the Internet and the personal freedom to do what little they can still do in this society in a permissible way. But sure, anything to keep them away from the nasty pedos... What's amusing is that they are doing this, yet not realizing they how they are actively depriving children from doing things, from their freedom. But no, I'm the crazy one when I mention children need liberation when I get answered "From what? They are already free." or, as some delusional folks from many parts might say, "Only those that just want sex with children argue for Children's Liberation." while they completely ignore everything else, like these events...

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