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Posted by Oakowi on Friday, June 15 2018 at 10:27:14AM
In reply to Internet Comments Section is usually the lowest... posted by rocinante on Friday, June 15 2018 at 03:58:47AM

The comments I find puzzling at most:

1. Disgusting!
2. WTF am I looking at?
3. This should be deleted!
4. This is sick!
5. Why is Youtube allowing this?
6. A lot of sick pedophiles in here!
7. This is porn!
8. Where's the parents?
9. Pedofiles must die!
10. Whoever filmed this is sick!!

My answers:

1. YOU are calling a beautiful girl.. disgusting?! Screw you!!
2. Ok, genius, you are looking at a girl, swimming, dancing, showing toys, showing fashion, showing her house.. etc.. Dumb ass!!
3. Why? What's wrong with it?
4. I don't see any mutilated bodies or terrorists enjoying killing people or any harm going to the girl, so.. what's sick about it?
5. Why? Because, they are not breaking any Youtube rules.. just yours!
6. Actually, I feel just fine!
7. You can see that genius? What's the guys name? What? No guy? No naked girl? No orgy? THIS IS NOT PORN ASSHOLE!!
8. Close by, I'm sure.
9. I'm very sure, you've done some things yourself that deserve getting you hanged!!
10. What? You mean the little girl that WANTS to be seen, how SHE wants to be seen? You saying, by CONSENT, the parents AND the little girl, WANTS the world to see this beautiful being, to show how precious she is, are sick?!?! Most of the videos ARE filmed by the little girls, dumb shit!!

Sorry for the large amount of expletives. But that is what I commonly see from the so-called protesting of the videos with young women on Youtube.


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