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Posted by Eeyore on Saturday, June 16 2018 at 07:01:13AM
In reply to Yes, absolutely too bad the internet is not free posted by rocinante on Friday, June 15 2018 at 1:58:06PM

I remember how angry I was when I suddenly had to do shit with the Google site for my account. It went quickly downhill from there, and it wasn't long before I said F-it. It seems anything that becomes successful gets bought out and quickly ruined. So we all need to be a sort of gypsy, really, and not expect to be on the newest and greatest thing forever.

I cannot tell you how many girls even on Youtube were appreciative of a guy who never requested, but simply approved, and occasionally offered a little helpful private advice when they got a bit overwhelmed, without him white-knighting like a faggot. YEAH I SAID IT. I never stooped that low.

I still miss my gaggle of Russian-heritaged lolis I subbed to, who all seemed to know one another and were clearly from parents in the money, and all of them super cool and in fairly good control dealing with their older admirers while tossing them plenty of bones to keep them admiring for the sake of maintaining viewership, in spite of not being adult attracted themselves, from what I could discern at least. They are long gone, but I salute them, whoever they were. They'd probably be banned today, despite not doing anything illegal.

It's been quite a ride to see kids evolving to the point of understanding their older fans and accepting what they like, even when they don't have the corresponding attraction. For some I'm sure it's just about gaining popularity at any cost, but for others there's something more going on.

Good posts. Don't leave.


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