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Very good point

Posted by Gimwinkle on Sunday, June 24 2018 at 07:20:28AM
In reply to That is the biggest fallacy about sex... posted by rocinante on Friday, June 22 2018 at 11:43:46PM

Society and the masses are the biggest danger, and a very big one!

There are good laws (malum in se) such as rape, murder, theft, etc.

But, to your point, there are many bad laws (malum prohibitum) that violate individual freedom:
    Prohibitions against
  • building or modifying a house without a license
  • driving a car without a license
  • copyright infringement
  • illegal drug use
  • illegal hunting
  • operating a business without a license
  • prostitution
  • violating prohibition of alcohol
  • modern statutory rape
  • pornography
  • surrogacy for profit
  • weapon possession
  • illegal immigration
  • jaywalking
  • hitchhiking
  • resisting arrest

And, of course, intergenerational love.

I don't think I have violated any prostitution or surrogacy laws, but all the rest in my list? Yup.

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