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Posted by jd420 on Wednesday, June 27 2018 at 00:48:49AM
In reply to pride-parade-of-one posted by sadlife on Tuesday, June 26 2018 at 6:22:52PM

how does that work?

Step one : go into the closet, find fashion.

Pretty much anything flamed up enough to get someone to kick your ass as-is. Pride pendants and/or "kids rule" zipperpulls are a bonus.

Step two is going outside, btw...

are you still doing it?

Well, the neighborhood watch of like a thousand cities has asked me to flag boylove for the double-entendre, but... yes.

Strutted that shit past blood, piru, norteno... often deep in the home turf of their set. Usually, at least since the Trump election, I tend to wear a rainbow bracelet or something just to add to the "I said boylove motherfucker" aura, since actual gang members (including entire gang sets) tend to be too responsible to make it interesting. Admittedly, so is everyone else (no takers across a few million square miles or so), but it's still best to let as many folks as one can have a chance to come get some.

I have worn some seriously fruity shit. Might do it again, too.

'Worst' reaction I've got is that a bloods gang member had a fairly visible panic attack (blue); I smiled and let him pass. A moderate number of people spouting hate will shut the hell up if you just throw up "GL" as a handsign. Then again, I've encountered a whopping two of those in the last decade or so, which is very close to my lifetime total.

It's all on TV, basically. And not even that anymore.


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