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Anxious depression much?

Posted by jd420 on Friday, June 29 2018 at 01:55:52AM
In reply to Yah… posted by Amberly on Tuesday, June 26 2018 at 5:21:50PM

Though wouldn't it be nice for once to see good things about MAPS?


...there ya go.

(also, I would like to apologize to the zooerotic community for Leonard's accidentally-speciest title)

Just like when you look up Alice Day, and all you see is what a horrible day it is because of blah blah blah.'ll also find that those are deeply fringe sites from over a decade ago.

Why'd it stop? Basically, everyone around them told them they're goddamn nuts.

As to the title, though... are you okay? You seem to be on a catastrophic roll, here; maximizing truly-insignifigant haters, disqualifying the positive, etc, etc, etc. When not a sign of deliberate sabotage, these tend to be a sign of severe depression, usually linked with anxiety, which borders on psychotic depression.

...are you okay?


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