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Sharing an unexpected GM.

Posted by SmilesAreFree on Monday, July 02 2018 at 7:45:31PM

Some here might recognize this story from the other place, but I thought it needed sharing here too. (Cut and pasted from there to here...)

I so rarely start any posts here after all. Not that I don't want to, it just happens to be that I haven't had anything of this sort of thing come by me for a long while.

---- An unexpected moment...

That was a tiny bit of understatement. I was going to be bold, and just write "Emily" as the title, but that seemed a bit too bold. :)

Anyways, I had a Sunday outing that was pretty much planned in advance. I wasn't imagining being surprised by anything today. I was very, very wrong. I had some odd dreams the night before... I won't bother you with those, because they really were all over the map, but somehow they did seem to try and prepare me for this in a way.

One of the things leading up to this is I'm sure I met this girl before, but not for so long, and we for sure didn't have any time to "connect" back then from what I remember.

Emily comes from a partially Japanese family background, so she knows that language better that I do so far. She has the darker hair, (not too long though), and a sweet rounded little face with a perfect little nose. She has a fantastic smile when it comes to life. :D

I would guess her to be nearly about 9. (I didn't ask her age yet) One of the only real high moments of the day. Hell she has outshone most of the year leading up to now in one breath. - I mean Angelina is pretty wonderful, but she wasn't smiling right at ME yesterday. Emily was right there, and she gave me so many smiles, and she was right there beside me for a while.

I did some of the paper folding thing that I tend to do, and I was a bit of a hero from that point onwards. :) We even had a point where we had a chance to fold a bit of paper together into little flowers that she ended up wearing in her hair for the rest of the day. She was happy to learn a new thing from her new friend. :D

THAT was worth being alive today for. I have been smitten by this girl so fast it is so wonderful and amazing. I hope we get to meet again soon. :)

- Smiles -

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