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I disagree, in general

Posted by Gimwinkle on Wednesday, July 04 2018 at 7:59:02PM
In reply to Time is up posted by Balto on Wednesday, July 04 2018 at 5:25:33PM

Honesty, Family, Love. A pedophile must choose only two or lose all three.

No. I have been honest with my family. They all still love me. My father came to visit me the week that I got my tour of duty in the clink. He asked if I wanted him to get me a lawyer. I said no. I asked if he read the charges against me. He said yes. I told him they were true. He just said, "Ok. Do you have a public lawyer?"

For most of my life, my father and I were... distant, emotionally. To this day, I cannot tolerate authority figures. (I enjoy fighting them!) But, that day, he and I became very close. No, we don't talk about my history. But daily life we are closer.

It just depends on the circumstances. I am lucky. I could have been disowned.

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