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interesting ...

Posted by Baldur on Thursday, July 05 2018 at 05:58:24AM
In reply to Sure... posted by jd420 on Wednesday, July 04 2018 at 9:52:31PM

I don't have the knowledge to comment on most of it, but the articles about "Evangelical" druglords in Brazil reveals some serious problems with their theology.

These "Evangelicals" are in truth mostly Pentecostals, a group that is somewhat renowned for shaky theology in the first place, but the idea of harassing or killing people because they belong to other faiths or are LGBT is especially troubling. The whole reason for hating "sin" is because one loves the sinners. The presumption is that the sin (worshipping other gods, gay sex, etc.) is harmful to the sinner, and because God loves sinners a believer is obligated to speak out against the sin in order to lead the sinner to better behavior and a happier life. From an evolutionary perspective there's a good case to be made that many of the behaviors we call sins are considered such precisely because they prevent the sinner from living well and leaving heirs.

From this perspective, then, harassing or murdering gays or non-believers is not merely failing to do God's work, and not merely facilitating the work of the devil, but is actively doing the work of the devil for him. Perhaps the larger bodies of the churches involved need to start instructing their own members on why they should not do the work of the devil.


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