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Parents should have no rights

Posted by Robert777 on Thursday, July 05 2018 at 1:21:29PM

Here is a question to think about, Each day billions of parents around the world come down on True child lovers and spread nothing but hate around the world in the name of protecting their children lives, But at the same time these so called parents who claim to love their children so much cant wait to kick their children out of the house for no other reason then turning 18 and then what happens Their child is gets killed for some reason all for the simple reason that parents do not want to accept full responsibility for their children, They seem to think that turning 18 no longer means that they are are no longer their child.

Here is another simple question how many people do you think are laying dead in grave years right now due to the conditions and or circumstances of being kicked out their homes the numbers would be in the billions, So in my opinion and I hope other will also have the same any parent that endangers a child life by kicking them out in a sick world of evil should have no rights

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