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...and not just this.

Posted by jd420 on Sunday, July 08 2018 at 05:35:26AM
In reply to In other news... posted by girls_are_kittens on Friday, July 06 2018 at 10:49:14PM

It's coincided with a wave of new transphobic postings.

...and actions. If you check their repeated typo REALLY carefully, attacks on lesbians.

Several actions. As well as recruiting trans folk (and their parents) to, in the parlance...


We can stay out of it, and we'll be given a pass, and the more important trans* groups (tannermod and fursitioning) will be untouched. Or, we could do the right thing, and recieve hatred from both sides. The former would be a betrayal of Stonewall, which was mostly BL and drag queens; you can hop over to boychat and ask them if they've been well-treated by the movement, or you can ask them what they think of terfy lesbians in the '90s, depending on what answer you want to get.

The HRC did adopt 'LGBTQ.' And I've heard the statement that the Roy Moore election shows that americans will stand up to prejudice - a multifaceted statement if ever one was heard.

...and yes, I'm pretty sure the E. Multmomah cell coordinated the HDC leader's hate speech in advance.

I'm just leaving this post very noncommittal for now, and there's always the chance to work on larger-scale and deeper issues. One blessed thing - two, really - about the upsurge in interfactional violence is that it gets people thinking about what side the things that already made them feel uncomfortable are most conformant to.

The other is that there's (almost) two sides. Though I don't see PDX teaching DIY farming, sadly.


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