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August 3, 2018: You

Posted by Hajduk on Friday, August 03 2018 at 04:00:09AM

A wise man once said he got the girl he never dreamed about, but never was he so happy.

[To Gunner]

I can't grasp why nobody sees in you what I see in you.
You are my Northern star and the center of my geocentric system.
I adore every cell of you. I swear by every word and image of you.
Every night I'm not with you is a day lost.
Every day I'm not with you is a life lost.

I try to find words, and I cannot.
I try not to cry, but my eyes are weak.
I try to be strong, and I am meek; but when I try to be meek, I am the strongest.
I try to be yours, and you throw me out.
I try to stop being yours, and you call me back into your arms.

I want to fall ill with your fluids.
I want to fall down under your mass.
I want to raise you above the stars.
I want to die with your eyes locked into mine.
I want to revive with your lips and teeth biting into mine.

I don't know if you'll ever understand what I feel.
I know God knows how I feel and by God's hand I was placed in your life.
I don't deserve you. But I'll fight for you still.
If I bleed for you, my blood will be honey and milk; and my flesh will be the body of God.
If you have a word of love for me, you'll have saved the world entire.


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