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Actually, sexual openness with kids...

Posted by Balto on Saturday, August 04 2018 at 11:43:09PM

...empowers them and protects them from unwanted advances that go too far.

Actually, it protects them from all three of your concerns you've raised so far.

But I don't have the patience to type out another full response for you, fam.

Even Ethan Edwards is like "nah b, you sound pretty incorrect tbh even tho we actually agree..."

Furthermore, if you are genuinely interested in expanding your understanding, maybe try and get involved in more of a complex back and forth.

You just say shit and then we thoughtfully offer real insights and then you're like "errr nope, don't agree, srry - byeee! Btw here's more shit!"

Looks like troll behaviour, but honestly I don't know if you're trolling or if you're just very narrow-minded and not very interested in what we have to say, or if poor reading comprehension may be limiting your takeaway.

In all fairness, it could be any or all of the above.

You have some strange ideas and concerns. Not much to do with the reality of mutually-attracted men and girls as experienced by those people (I mean, as opposed to products of your imagination).

Do a hell of a lot more reading and a lot less "nope". That's my definitive advice to you.

~ Loom

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