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They're saying....

Posted by Balto on Monday, August 06 2018 at 4:36:13PM
In reply to Why are you trying to find problems? posted by sans on Sunday, August 05 2018 at 11:47:19AM

...that a hypothetical environment where it would be okay to fall in love with someone a lot younger than you (and from the someone a lot younger's point of view, where it was okay to fall in love with someone much older than you) would be something which they would not want because they fear that it would have X effects for all children NOT positively affected in a profound way.

It's simple cop-out driven by society-wide uniform bigotry towards a whole minority group that comes out of moral outrage over the actions of a tiny but sadly notorious few.

That's what logical analysis of all different kinds of evidence tells us, and I'm about 99% certain.

The cop-out prevents them from actually thinking about all the various issues associated with the minority in a rational way.

They're not unlike Ethan and his flock; they drench themselves in the misery of the few because they associate themselves with the few, and they allow that association to influence their thinking in the same way.

What's incredibly sad is that this minority (which should include both sides, i.e. the child/teen/tween as well as the pedo, although the former has literally NO voice in the matter) is consequently treated to a social oppression that can be utterly crucifying.

Oh... And it is this way because you don't choose who you like, and because others are free to harshly judge you for it.

~ Loom

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