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antis are a diverse group

Posted by EthanEdwards on Tuesday, August 07 2018 at 10:28:34AM
In reply to 30 Common Traits of Antis I Have Observed Part 1 posted by Dissident on Monday, August 06 2018 at 11:12:07PM

Lumping all "antis" together is problematic. Who are you reacting to? The most extreme and memorable quotes will have an outsize place. Some of them are probably Russian trolls. Remember that antis are also reacting to a heterogeneous "pro" position too -- those who support child marriage, who think girls have it coming to them if they wear sexy clothes, "incel" people who think women and girls ought to put out more and deserve violence if they don't. Maybe Russian trolls there too. You would surely like to shed all that and defend a reasonable, progressive pro-legalization view. Lots of "antis" would like to do that too.

It's also interesting whether "anti" means to you someone who makes passionate arguments, or someone who if polled "Should adult-child sex be legalized?" would answer "no".

I don't know if you saw this thread where I had some harsh words for one particular anti on GC:

I suspect that if you took a classic "anti" and the classic GC pro-legalization person and had them look through my blog posts, the GC person would agree with 80% of it and the "anti" with maybe 20%.

Virtuous Pedophiles has a twitter account. Someone recently decided to contact a great many of our followers and ask what they were doing following a pro-pedophile group. Occasionally they even suggested they would report them for just following us -- a fellow-traveler argument taken to extremes.

I made a tweet in response: "VP despises child sex abuse. Saying we're pro-pedophile makes as much sense as saying the cancer society is pro-cancer. Pedophilia is an unchosen condition that cannot be changed. But behavior can be controlled -- more easily if people don't feel totally alone and ashamed. Ethan"

Surely GCers will pounce on that and say that most adult-child sex is not child sex abuse, ignoring the rest of the message. Which is why pro-legalization people are getting nowhere.

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