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This Trumps everything, then

Posted by Dissident on Tuesday, August 07 2018 at 11:50:55AM
In reply to talking about Trump's supporters, not Trump posted by EthanEdwards on Tuesday, August 07 2018 at 09:37:48AM

I wasn't talking about Trump, I was talking about his supporters and how they think. Exhortations to research things for oneself are not going to be effective with most people, whether you say them or if Trump had said it. Sadly, our society doesn't teach skills for evaluating scientific results in particular or rhetoric more generally.

Which is why one of the specific changes I am arguing for in the course of democratizing the education system is the teaching of critical thinking skills and analysis of scientific research. Which is similar to what youth liberationists John Holt and John Taylor Gatto were pushing for. If we learn to analyze evidence and put that over emotion, we will develop into a better society, one that puts emphasis on what is probably true as opposed to what is most appealing to our sensibilities.


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