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I tend to agree

Posted by billi on Tuesday, August 07 2018 at 8:54:05PM
In reply to I tend to agree posted by sadlife on Tuesday, August 07 2018 at 8:27:55PM

sad life, you wrote:

"How do you suppose that makes us feel?"

Terrible, I would imagine. I even hesitated posting it because I thought it was too cruel. But we must face facts, sadlife. Sex between children (tweens, teens) and adults is just too dangerous for those children (tweens, teens). I believe you are not a Bad Person, and that you would never, deliberately, hurt a child. But there would be many pedophiles who would be selfish, lazy, and whatever, and *would* end up hurting a child, even if they didn't mean to.

It's just a risk no-one (non-pedophile) would want to take.

And it's a real risk. How would you feel if it were legal and then we ended up with epidemics of children with sexually-transmitted diseases....some incurable and one fatal. That would be awful.

You also wrote:

"Can you even try to imagine what this is like?"

Oh...I DO!! I can imagine it very well and I have tons of empathy for you and others who have pedophilia.

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