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Generally, as you age:

Posted by rainbowloom on Wednesday, August 08 2018 at 09:23:20AM
In reply to As a pedo trying to live peaceably posted by sadlife on Tuesday, August 07 2018 at 2:49:11PM

You give up capacity for understanding through critical thinking in order to get superstitious beliefs.

(Not to be confused with conscientious and enlightened theology.)

In other words your life's orientation changes from seeking the truth to choosing whichever interpretation best aligns with what you already believe.

Lack of success in understanding, apathy, peer pressure, jadedness, or lack of room for concern (i.e. attention on survival or reallocation of cognitive resources towards maintaining one's own lifestyle) are contributors to this phenomenon.

It isn't true for everyone - just more often true than not.

And it's also perfectly natural and not necessarily "bad" - just bad when acquired beliefs take on a life of their own and become weapons to wield in reaction to real situations where patience and understanding is more "appropriate".

It's possible for beliefs to align with factual evidence and even inform decision-making on a much smaller scale in a way that turns out more or less good.

The problem is when they don't....

~ rbl ~

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