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As time goes on

Posted by Gimwinkle on Wednesday, August 08 2018 at 0:58:20PM
In reply to How many times have we heard this before? posted by Dissident on Wednesday, August 08 2018 at 03:29:09AM

You have made very good points (again). But I would ask, what is the current trend? Before, as with Charles Spencer Chaplin (please note that it's not Chaplain! :) it was possible to become involved with someone like Oona O'Neil although society was just beginning to become uncomfortable with age disparities. On 16 June 1943, a month after O'Neill had turned 18, Chaplin and O'Neill were married when Chaplin was 54.

Highest rates of child marriages (according to a biased organization)

Niger — 76 percent
Central African Republic — 68 percent
Chad — 67 percent
Bangladesh — 59 percent
Mali — 52 percent
South Sudan — 52 percent
Burkina Faso — 52 percent
Guinea — 51 percent
Mozambique — 48 percent
India — 47 percent

From what I can tell, these are all marriages involving one or two people below the age of 18. Females in these marriages, again, from what I can tell, are all of child-bearing years (i.e., past puberty.)

In all countries, it is illegal for anyone to engage in sex with children below the age of 10. With these "under aged" people, it is only practiced in places where society does not exercise its dominance. Say, for example, the rural bushes of Thailand, the Phillipines, Cambodia, Myanmar, Indonesia, and Brazil, etc.

It Just Will Never Happen. History suggests otherwise. I agree. Acceptance, however, will need many more years... decades... maybe, even centuries... before history's suggestion will become a reality. Until then, we will be accepted only in the places mentioned above.

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