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Posted by Gimwinkle on Wednesday, August 08 2018 at 1:11:20PM
In reply to I'm sorry posted by rainbowloom on Wednesday, August 08 2018 at 01:15:23AM

It is human nature to get excited when others are excited. We all are emotional creatures (for good reason.)

Why do I yell, "SHIT!", when I am hammering a nail and miss the nail but not my thumb? Yelling does nothing to stop the pain, does nothing to make the hammer get up and hit the nail correctly, and makes others around us laugh. Yet, in your defense, yelling is what we do to help ourselves out of our emotions of the time.

For me, rbl, I enjoy discussing things with an opponent. Right up until when the opponent closes his/her mind and refuses to participate. Yelling "shit" at me because my arguments refute their way of thinking serves only to stop me from continuing the discussion. I cannot teach a pet dog to understand nuclear physics. I can teach a pet dog to babysit a flock of sheep or walk in traffic safely as a service animal for the blind. So, I teach what can be learned.

I can teach anything that I know to anyone providing they are willing and able to learn.

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