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The Psychology of an Anti

Posted by Dissident on Thursday, August 09 2018 at 3:36:31PM
In reply to I don't agree, posted by hieronymus on Thursday, August 09 2018 at 10:57:35AM

Even if Billi wasn't a troll, and you may be very right that he is not -- he is nevertheless not here to learn about MAPs in a fair manner, or to engage with us towards the purpose of acquiring & exchanging insights. He is here to vent his societally generated frustrations against us for merely existing, not to mention having the temerity to argue a case that we have a legitimate claim to happiness and much of positive benefit to offer both younger people and the world as a whole. He is likewise here to act as a self-chosen agent of the status quo and its popular narratives, which act as a shell around reality that forms a comfort zone analogous to Linus Van Pelt's security blanket.

He is likewise not here to advocate for the well-being of children. Rather, he is here to argue for the continued treatment of them as a personification of society's notions of Innocence and as a means for adults to experience a form of vicarious purity through them. They also want to preserve age-based hegemony in society at any cost, even if it means obliterating every last vestige of democracy, or destroying the lives of every innocent person in sight--including those of the very kids they purport they are trying to "protect." In their eyes, the eventuality of all that is preferable to the emergence of a form of social progress they cannot emotionally handle the thought of.

Like other examples you will meet on the political field when it comes to various (sometimes related) forms of social progress they deeply disapprove of, they develop an obsession with attacking us and firing a constant stream of rhetoric taken from the common narrative. These points of argument make no sense from the standpoint of reason, evidence, or experienced observation, but they are extremely emotionally appealing to the anti, and the mainstream alternatively embraces it or at least provides no major opposition to it, since those who may disagree or sit "on the fence" know they risk serious backlash--including consequences such as loss of employment and a digital mob assault--if they openly question the party line. Hence, antis are not used to being challenged by any information outlet other than our own places in cyberspace we convene for discussion and sharing of information.

The anti wants the popular narratives to be true so badly they can tolerate no reminders that it isn't. This is why simply ignoring us for the most part and pretending we are not there as does the majority of mainstream thinkers in society is not palatable to them. Our encroachment on their comfort zone is just too irksome to them to just overlook and go on living their lives in the typical comfort zone of the masses, especially since the thorn in their side we represent makes them well aware that the proverbial writing is on the wall. They are simultaneously "go with the flow" and "clog the flow" in a forward direction they cannot handle.

In fact, every single time youth liberation takes a progressive step forward, as is now occurring with many local jurisdictions in the U.S. and other WEIRD nations (like Germany) lowering the voting age to 16, they panic. Their cherished contention that a future society that dispenses with age-based bigotry will "never happen" is threatened, and in return they want to give us a constant piece of their mind. If they truly believed the "it will never happen" line, they wouldn't be so concerned about engaging with us for so many hours of their lives almost every single day.

The anti is simply more obsessed with the narrative as an individual than the average person in the mainstream. They know they will receive no personal consequences for speaking out against us and in favor of this particular narrative other than the possibility of personal frustration with not convincing us of their arguments. But they continue it because they simply cannot stop themselves, the obsession is too great.

We aren't going to convince them of anything, because they cannot handle looking at evidence they are unable to emotionally abide. They have too much of an emotional stake invested with the status quo they live in, and change horrifies them beyond measure. Any type of "different" future they envision will be one of superficial differences, with the currently supported paradigms, values, institutions, and socio-political hierarchies left safely and comfortably intact.

They are likewise not going to convince anyone on the pro-choice camp, because we mostly have control over the internalized guilt and shame so many MAPs are forced to deal with, we have read all the available literature there is to read and thus know the narrative has been intelligently refuted in numerous peer-reviewed papers and professional journalistic investigations through the decades, and do not ignore the amazing and continuously emerging evidence in this digital information era of the potential that the younger people we love and respect have when allowed to develop it.

Hence, the purpose of posters like Billi is to engage in endless pissing contests with us to satisfy their state of mind. He, and others of his ilk, are doing this solely for self-relief. Not for kids, because to them kids are not so much fully realized people to respect, but living representations of an ideal that is sacred to them in a secular fashion. This is why they have no problem with supporting wars that destroy the lives and homes of kids in foreign nations; why you see them make nary a complaint about domestic policies and institutions--like the insular nuclear family unit and the convenience-based reliance on personal automobiles--that are proven to cause far more demonstrable harm to kids than the consensual engagement in sexual/romantic activity; and why you never see them complaining about adults relentlessly shaming & punishing them for engaging in sexual expression. These proven major threats to the physical and emotional well-being of youths do not threaten the paradigms and hierarchy they actually seek to protect, so antis are happy to tolerate them.

We are a thorn in their side they cannot ignore, and they want to do their best to yank it out. To them we are akin to an irksome rash a person is unable to stop constantly itching; and to us, they are akin to turbulent waves in the ocean a seasoned sailor must endure as they steadfastly sail towards an important destination.


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