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These are my thoughts

Posted by Dissident on Thursday, August 09 2018 at 7:15:00PM
In reply to Good points posted by Gimwinkle on Wednesday, August 08 2018 at 5:02:01PM

Today, we see hundreds of millions of people everywhere that are LGBT. A huge pool compared to the relatively small pool of hundreds of thousands of us.

You see that because currently the LGBT people do not feel a great need to be in the closet in WEIRD societies. They have open and strong support networks both offline and online, a lot of friends and allies in the media, and the mainstream liberals not only openly and vigorously promote their freedom but also go so far as to coddle them. All of this notwithstanding the claims of the SJWs, who insist LGBTQ people are still heavily oppressed in the West and suffer severe consequences for speaking out. That only makes sense to those whose stance is based on appeals to emotion and delusional belief systems rather than fealty to reason and actual empirical evidence. There are still examples of discrimination and even hate crimes against LGBT people in some of the more conservative areas of the U.S. such as Middle America, but these are incidental and often quickly addressed with counter-measures.

In contrast, most MAPs remain deeply hidden in the closet. This means we lack a human face to the public, and the emergence of supportive research and either online or offline support groups (particularly the latter) exist in much smaller numbers, and are relatively easy at this point in time for the general public and the media to marginalize or overlook. The mainstream liberals, particularly the dominant centrist wing, are still too fearful to put aside the common narrative and seek to understand us in a fair manner, let alone embrace us as a legitimate demographic worthy of respect and adding to the "Q" of the LBGTQ acronym. And oftentimes they feel the need to actually outdo their conservative rivals in denouncing us as "proof" they do not defend perversity and that they "care" about kids.

Finally, because the underage youth demographic have not yet earned their rights and the youth liberation movement has not yet achieved full mainstream political acceptance, this makes it doubly easier for the mainstream political establishment to ignore us since they are still ignoring the civil and political legitimacy of the youth demographic.

Hence, the illusion that vanilla LGBT people have numerical superiority over MAPs.

Do I think the changes could happen in 100, or even 200 years? Even though progress tends to take a lot of time, unexpected things can happen to suddenly cause things to move at a surprisingly fast pace when we least expect it. Could this happen in 50 years? Maybe. Will it have happened in 100 years? You bet. There is absolutely nothing about the current society and its values that suggest stability over the long haul.


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