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Well... (Hey billi! You're an intestinal villus)

Posted by j_k on Thursday, August 09 2018 at 7:17:08PM
In reply to I've been called a troll before posted by Butterfly Kisses on Thursday, August 09 2018 at 6:44:27PM

> When I obviously know for myself I am not.

This is exactly what a troll would say :-) Not calling you one though, haven't seen enough of your posts to judge either way... talking about trolls in general.

> It is just way to overused to get out of having discussions

It seems clear to me that "billi" opted out of the discussion first, and that those reasonable-sounding questions were only a thinly veiled excuse to start spouting shit uncorroborated by evidence. The constant refrain of "everyone knows that ___" was one very obvious signal.

> These days anyone who you disagree with is a troll

Read the threads by our esteemed researchers below? Ianmcphail and skyestephens show that it is still quite possible to have a respectful conversation in spite of disagreement.

Ethan Edwards gets a lot of hate for having views diametrically opposed to most of the board, but he is not a troll, we can actually have substantive conversation with him about actual issues.

"billi" on the other hand... well, you know what I think.

Aside from everything else I've pointed out, fixating on relatively trivial issues like vulgar language is another hallmark of a troll.

BTW don't let yourself be baited in the other thread, the only way to deal with such users is to treat it like a joke.


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