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One point I will address...

Posted by Dissident on Thursday, August 09 2018 at 7:41:57PM
In reply to Shouldn't pedophiles try.... posted by billi on Thursday, August 09 2018 at 06:59:38AM

...since Hadjuk addressed the rest quite well. He addressed this one too, but I will make a further point to supplement his own.

Pedophiles should take care not to alienate large swathes of the public in their postings. Insulting terms like "breeder" and "Jewrope" (was that the word?) and just lots of ways of referring to normies turns them off from ever seriously considering softening their stance against MAPs.

This point is not without merit, but consider this. All ostracized and hated minority groups are going to have individuals among them with a lot of anger to vent. How far they take this is not always justified, and hating the majority back for hating and misunderstanding us, including with the use of derisive terms like "breedr," is not justified or a condonable offense. But it is understandable and to be expected, as MAPs are first and foremost human and are therefore subject to all the emotional foibles that all groups of people are, especially when put under such constant emotional pressure.

However, keep in mind that the ideological wing of the LGBTQ community who comprise the dreaded SJWs do the exact same thing to a majority they hate. And they do it very loudly across every facet of the media and pop culture. Does this mean we should take all gay/trans people to task for what only a portion of them do? Also keep in mind that bitter and angry members of the LGBTQ community were the first to come up with the pejorative "breedr," and it was directed at the straight majority.

Also keep in mind that the great majority of us, despite our level of anger, frustration, and marginalization, do not wallow in hatred or unleash it in uncontrolled venting fashion against the Non-MAP majority in the form of derisive words and foul blanket condemnation. Do a few of us do that? Certainly, as we are human, and I have taken these few to task myself when I have seen it happen. But does our community as a whole do it? No, and it's hugely unfair to make such accusations. And I think you know that.

One problem the rest of the board is right to take you and others of your ilk to task for, Billi, is your tendency to condemn the whole for the actions of a tiny few, in the form of deliberately reading over the posts to find any single instance of something you can find fault with rather than to achieve understanding and insight as a whole. And also for making sweeping judgments and assumptions based on your internalized fears towards what we represent to you rather than what is actually evident upon getting to know us as people.


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